Dominican wedding customs are a amazing approach to celebrate your big day. They include a selection of unique components that can put depth to your wedding and reception.

Large wedding celebrations are not standard in the Dominican Republic. It is more usual to have a flower girl, wedding ring bearer, and coins bearer : often teen family – and one kid holding a fancy light bible.


In the Dominican Republic, wedding ceremony traditions are influenced simply by both Spanish and Catholic customs. Probably the most common is the ceremonia cantada, a traditional ceremony that features songs performed by the guests. These kinds of songs are usually love and romance-themed, and the music is being sung instead of played over loudspeakers or appliances.

Huge marriage ceremony parties are certainly not typical in Dominican culture, but the few may choose to contain flower young women and diamond ring bearers, often new relatives. The couple will even often have a padrino and madrina, who are similar to god parents in North America. These will probably be responsible for placing your signature to the marriage certificate and providing support and tips to the few as they start their fresh life together.

An additional aspect of the wedding that is unique to the Dominican Republic is called accréditeur. This involves tough luck gold coins that are exceeded from the groom to the bride during the ceremony. This kind of symbolizes the couple’s commitment to sharing the possessions and finances.

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Dominican wedding party traditions really are a reflection on the country’s wealthy culture and lifestyle. They incorporate Spanish and Taino customs with Africa impact on. These customs emphasize long-term affection and shared possessions. Additionally, they emphasize kindness and giving.

The soon-to-be husband and bride frequent each other’s families before the wedding party. This is important since it enables the couple to generate a strong attachment together. It also enables both families to get acquainted with each other.

Not like in The united states, it is not thought about bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding service. In addition , the church is certainly not divided into groom and woman sections. This allows couples to save time taking photographs.

Instead of bridesmaids, a small wedding party is usually assemble. Often , youthful relatives are chosen to be the floral girl and engagement ring bearer. A single child is likewise assigned to handle gold coins. These gift items are usually provided to the priest or minister that will give them to the newly married couple.


In this wedding ceremony, a youngster member of the wedding party—usually a boy—carries 13 silver loose coins on a tray down the aisle. The clergyman then moves these to the groom and star of the wedding, symbolizing equal writing of material riches.

Dominican cathedral weddings commonly would not divide the group into “bride” and “groom” sections, thus guests may sit anywhere they select. The purchase of the procession is also slightly different. The groom’s mom enters initially, followed by the groom. The bride in that case walks down the aisle, accompanied by her father.

Another different aspect of Dominican weddings is definitely the Ceremonia Cantada, where every part of music at the reception is sung rather than enjoyed about instruments. This is sometimes a beautiful method to entertain guests and add more which means to your wedding party celebrations.


Merengue can be described as type of music and move that represents Dominican culture. It is known for having a quick rhythm with strong bests. It’s also very vivacious and romantic. It could be often a great decision for first dance melodies. It’s also a fun flow to do with someone because it needs a lot of movement and spins.

Many couples choose to have a ceremonia cantada within their wedding party. This is a song-and-poem ceremony in which guests sing along. It has usually supported by professional music artists.

The groom in that case serenades the bride which has a song or poem to convey his like for her. This is a special instant at every marriage. After this, everyone can enjoy the party area and “la hora loca”! This is a crazy hour where people can easily dance for their hearts’ content material. It’s a the perfect time to celebrate together with the couple and their friends. Friends will usually provide gifts for the purpose of the couple to show the appreciation.

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