4 years sober + 4 tips for sobriety without AA Matt Hunt

Content Alcoholics Anonymous Surround Yourself With Support The Big Book, the Twelve Steps, and the Twelve Traditions What Is Sobriety? Can You Beat Drug or Alcohol Addiction Without Using a 12-Step Program? As alcoholism is not dependent on AA for its diagnosis, neither is sobriety. I describe myself as sober because I don’t drink alcohol […]

A Twin Study of Alcohol Dependence, Binge Eating, and Compensatory Behaviors PMC

Each time, the volunteers were given either a non-alcoholic longer or a non-alcoholic beer that have been spiked with alcohol. The results showed that whenever the subjects were given alcohol, they ate considerably more at the buffet. Yet another study, conducted in 2008, compared two groups of drinkers. Most people who experience these episodes describe […]