Prior to that, Latvian had been written in German Fraktur, and sporadically in Cyrillic. “The most cancers inside them is starting to spread, and we have got to keep an eye fixed on that,” economist Mohamed El-Erian stated this week. Pollution in Russia’s industrial regions fell 1.2% within the six-month span to April, and is 6.2% decrease 12 months over year.

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From 1858 till 1861, Strong was each Acting President and Professor of Biblical Literature at Troy University. In 1868 he grew to become Professor of Exegetical Theology at Drew Theological Seminary, where he remained for twenty-seven years. In 1884, he produced the Strong’s Concordance Bible, which remains to be in print today. The use of ’s to form plurals of initialisms or numerals is not presently recommended by most authorities, except when the which means would in any other case be unclear. The use in international phrases was frequent before the 19th century, but is no longer accepted.[3] The use of the apostrophe in some other plural (as in “apple’s”) — the so-called “greengrocer’s apostrophe” — is proscribed.

The Western Greek alphabet used in Cumae was adopted by the Etruscans and Latins within the 7th century BC, over the following centuries developing into a range of Old Italic alphabets together with the Etruscan alphabet and the early Latin alphabet. In Etruscan, the value /s/ of Greek sigma (𐌔) was maintained, whereas san (𐌑)

The city is the seat of the University of Düsseldorf (founded 1965); there’s also an academy of artwork (founded 1767), a conservatory, and a variety of other technical institutes. Düsseldorf has three harbours on the Rhine and considered one of Germany’s busiest civil airfields at Lohausen. The metropolis is a banking and wholesale centre and is the executive seat of many of the Ruhr’s companies. James Strong was born in New York City and in 1844 graduated from Wesleyan University as valedictorian. Later, transferring to Flushing, New York, he pursued biblical research, held numerous local offices and organized, constructed and was the president of the Flushing railroad. In 1856 he earned the degree of Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) from Wesleyan University.

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The (angular) S-shape composed of three strokes existed as a variant of the four-stroke letter Σ already within the epigraphy in Western Greek alphabets, and the three and 4 strokes variants existed alongside each other in the classical Etruscan alphabet. In other Italic alphabets (Venetic, Lepontic), the letter could be represented as a zig-zagging line of any quantity between three and six strokes. The Smith & Wesson Model 19 is a revolver produced by Smith & Wesson that was introduced in 1957 on its K-frame. The K-frame is somewhat smaller and lighter than the unique N-frame .357, usually often identified as the Smith & Wesson Model 27. A chrome steel variant of the Model 19, the Smith & Wesson Model 66, was launched in 1971.


It is the executive and cultural centre of the industrial Rhine-Ruhr area. Although the concordance took over ten years and over 100 people to construct, it is content material right now, can be duplicated by modern computers in a fraction of a second. The S&P 500 notched its first win after 4 losses, powering past a leap in bond yields sparked by the stronger-than-expected jobs report for April.